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Title & Meta Description Copywriting

An SEO-friendly Title and Meta Description is equally as important as writing optimized page text. These critical components play a significant role in how a website is defined and how well it ranks in the search engines. Title and Meta Tags also contribute to how appealing a placement reads in the results.

Here we describe the fundamentals of the Title and Meta Description as well as some good SEO copywriting tips to keep in mind while writing each. Below you can learn more about the best practices of writing these SEO elements and how to best maximize your organic SEO potential.

Writing the Page Title

In its very essence, the Title of a webpage is the main headline. The Title defines what the page is about, and it serves as the central “sales pitch” to searchers who are browsing the Web. A well optimized page Title should not only include keyword targets but should also intrigue and entice relevant viewers who see your search placement.   

Although there are no defined rules in tailoring the perfect page Title, many SEO copywriters will agree that a creative, concise, and keyword-friendly Title is ideal. Most search engines only display 72 characters of the Title in the results page. Thus, a tight, punchy Title is often preferred over a long and often times “keyword stuffed” Title. This ensures a higher level of respect by both search engines and Web users.

Similar to writing headlines for Pay Per Click ads, the SEO copywriting behind a page Title demands creativity and keyword cohesion. The right choice of words can heavily influence click-through rate and overall visibility. By conjoining long-tail keyword targets and using unique characters to help a placement stand out, a page Title can set the stage for better organic SEO performance

Writing the Meta Description

The purpose of SEO copywriting is more than just driving better search rankings, it is also about how your content reads in the results. Just below the title in the search results is the meta description, which also contributes to click-through activity. The meta description is a great channel to compel your audience to visit your website.

In addition to a creatively written meta description, it also helps to include your keyword targets. In the description, including variant keyphrases makes your placement more attributable to select audiences. This is partly due to the bold effect.

The bold effective is a simple SEO copywriting term that also applies to PPC advertising – when an Internet user searches a specific phrase in Google, the keywords associated with that phrase are bold in both the title and meta description. As a result, keyword inclusion in both of these SEO elements is a smart approach to SEO copywriting.

Get a Free SEO Copywriting Review

If your website needs an organic SEO tune-up, one of the first areas we gander is the off-page SEO elements. Some websites that are on the fringe of high web rankings can greatly benefit from an optimized Title and Meta description. In fact, some websites are missing these elements entirely, which is a big SEO opportunity.

As part of our SEO copywriting services, we always include these components and can even offer recommendations as to best tailor your SEO elements. Contact us for a free SEO copywriting review, and let our copywriters analyze the back-end of your key webpages.