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7 Tips for Writing Awesome Web Copy

Writing copy for the web takes a different approach than print or traditional literature. As a copywriter, you need to be extremely clear and convey your message in a concise manner.

Although SEO copywriting requires additional considerations in how you produce website copy, in this post we're going to keep things simple. Below are seven tips for writing awesome web copy.

1. Have Something to Say

SEO Copywriting TipsKnow what you want to convey before you write. Having a plan of organized ideas creates a smoother writing and reading experience. Understand your subject. Then present it.

2. Be Specific

Color the reader's experience. "Cindy tasted many kinds of ice cream at the fair." "Cindy tasted sherbet, vanilla fudge, mint-chocolate chip and cookie dough ice cream at the fair." One sentence leaves an image to be desired, one paints it completely.

3. Choose Simple Words

The English language contains many words. Such as: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

Larger words are necessary for when meaning is threatened, not to sound smart and wise.

4. Write Short Sentences

The Internet decreases readers' attention spans. Short sentences get the point across. Longer sentences have a higher chance of becoming unclear. Practice communicating one clear idea in each sentence. You will have more to say.

5. Use the Active Voice

Passive sentences bore readers. The order of subject, verb, and object actively engages. "Joanna greeted her guests." "The guests were greeted by Joanna." Write in the active voice whenever possible.

6. Keeps Paragraphs Short

Reader's eyes bounce around websites like pinballs. Longer blocks of content decrease the odds that they will keep reading. News articles are easier to read than statutes. (For more than just this problem, but you get it.)

7. Eliminate Fluff Words

Fluff words don't enhance sentences, they clog them. Be conscious of every word's meaning. "The very small bedroom on the rather poor side of town was really very depressing." They don't add anything and push your reader away from your meaning.

The seven latter copywriting tips are general guidelines to help your write effective copy for the web. These techniques apply to writing blog posts, articles, press releases, and keyword optimized website copy for SEO. Be sure to keep them top of mind in your copywriting arsenal.

This blog post was produced by Kyle Blasco.


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