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Peoria Web Design Company Profile

Learn About OIC Group, Inc. of Peoria, IL teamed-up with Peoria web design company, OIC Group, to craft its website strategy. The Internet marketing manager of OIC Group helped to spearhead the web marketing strategy in using many of the Peoria web design company's resources.

To develop, the team used OIC Group's flagship product: the highly intuitive and SEO-friendly content management system known as Exponent CMS. Additionally, the Peoria web design company's marketing manager was onboard to help lead the optimization process, spanning from the keyword research to the on-page SEO.

The outcome was highly successful as the finished was just what the plan outlined: a simple, SEO-friendly web design with intuitive functionality. Additionally, the stage was set for ongoing off-page SEO as OIC Group did a fantastic job laying the groundwork with the on-page SEO.

In moving forward, the Peoria website design company plans to aid's endeavors in generating link popularity, social signals, and other off-page elements that will help contribute to greater online visibility. Beyond offering expertise for web design in Peoria, IL, OIC Group also offers enterprise-level capabilities in SEO, Internet marketing, ecommerce, and many other facets of web marketing and development.

The Peoria web design company has actually established a national reputation for its services in ecommerce SEO, website optimization, and SEO-friendly web design. Over the last few years, the firm has helped a number of different businesses is earning top keyword rankings, as well as building a strong web presence on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest.

If you're interested in learning more about OIC Group, you can contact the Peoria web design company at or learn more about the company's local Peoria web design services. Also, you can reach OIC Group by phone at (309) 680-5600.