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Creative Copywriting Services

Creative copywriting is everywhere on the web. The context for creative copywriting is vast, spanning from Google Pay Per Click advertising and landing pages to banners and Facebook ads. Creativity is central to virtually any form of marketing communication. And on the Web, creative copywriting is what makes content both original and outstanding.

If you’re seeking creative copywriting services outside the realm of organic SEO, then our copywriters can help. We have professional experience handling various creative copywriting projects. Our expertise in creative web writing includes:

• Ad copy for Pay Per Click (PPC) & Facebook ads
• Landing page copywriting and PPC optimization
• Creative copywriting for product descriptions and ecommerce websites
• Creative ad copy for banners and related placement ads

Creative Content for Online Advertising

Content reigns king in almost any form of online advertising. Your choice of words makes all the difference in world, not only in how users perceive your brand, but also for your overall bottom line. Explore some of our creative copywriting services below.

Content Services for PPC

Pay Per Click advertising can be a weary investment for many Internet marketers. Not only can PPC be confusing, but it can also be expensive. For this reason, it is critical that you convey the right message to realize the greatest return on your efforts. 

Although our core expertise is in organic SEO copywriting, many of our creative content writers have specialties in Pay Per Click. In fact, one of our copywriters is also a PPC manager with working experience overseeing PPC campaigns and creating content for ads and landing pages.

Landing page copy & optimization

In PPC, the content on your landing pages is just as critical as your ad copy. Creative communication of your main selling points and overall value is critical. Not only can good landing page copy help turn visitors in customers, but well organized landing pages can improve your ROI in paid search.

Highly relevant landing pages correlate to better quality scores and less-expensive bid prices. Our creative copywriters can help you achieve just that and more. We can optimize your landing pages for better PPC performance and more conversions.

Creative Copywriting for Ecommerce

Online shopping is often a context of impulse purchases. Thus, the content for certain products demands an emotional emphasis and alluring appeal. This compels shoppers to make more immediate buying decisions.  

One the most value-driven services we offer is creative copywriting for product descriptions and ecommerce stores. Our copywriters research both products and consumers to tailor highly effective content. But what makes this facet of our copywriting services so unique is that we blend SEO strategies into the mix.

Copywriting for product optimization

In addition to bringing more creativity to your product pages, we can help make your products more visible in the organic search results. By structuring the content, especially the Title and Meta Description, to be highly relevant on specific keywords, we can fully optimize your ecommerce store to its maximum potential. You can depend on our professional keyword research services and creative copywriting skills to handle the job.

Creative Web Copywriters You Can Trust

Our roots at Organic SEO Copywriters is creative ad copy. We were born creatives and we’ve perfected our skills in the art of copywriting. Spanning from short ad copy on banners and buttons to captivating copy for Facebook ads, our expertise extends into all efforts of creative ad copywriting. Contact us for more information on how we can transform your web presence with creative twist.